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Services at Precious Hearing

At Precious Hearing, we understand that you need your hearing to communicate with your loved ones and to feel your best. That’s why we offer a variety of services, free of charge, to help you live an improved quality of life. From free audiometric evaluations to in-home hearing tests, we are here for all of your hearing needs.

Services We Provide:

Free Audiometric Examination

Together, we will find out what you are hearing and what you're not. During the examination, not only will we find out where your hearing loss is, but we will also test for distortion. We'll determine how much of your hearing loss we can help with, but most importantly, how much clarity can we get back for you!

Free Video Ear Inspection

You’ll see exactly what we see! We'll use our video otoscope and look directly down your ear canal to the eardrum so you’ll see exactly what we see on the TV screen. You’ll also be able to see if wax is the problem or not.

Free No-Hassle Consultation

If you're thinking about hearing aids or are ready for them, come into any of our offices for a no-pressure consultation. We’ll show you all of your options. We carry all brands and types of hearing aids on the market today. We are trained on all of the latest technology.

Free In-Home Hearing Test

Can’t get out of the house? Need a hearing test? We will come to your home and give you a complete hearing examination at no cost! Call any of our local offices and set up your free in-home hearing test.

Man fixing hearing aid at Precious Hearing

Hearing Aid Repair

Have you been told your hearing aid can’t be fixed?

We can repair any make, model, or year of hearing aid, including Rexton, Starkey, Miracle Ear, Unitron, Beltone, and Siemens, to name a few.

We are the lowest repair cost in the area. Have you been told your repair would cost around $500, $300, or $250? We’re lower!

Man fixing hearing aid at Precious Hearing

Nursing Homes / Assisted Living / Non-Assisted Living / Hospitals

Since Precious Hearing has been in business, we’ve been giving back to the community by servicing patients at local hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities.

Many people in the hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities do not have the ability to get out due to health or transportation problems. Some of these folks purchased hearing aids before their stay, or they were able to get to a hearing aid office to purchase the hearing aids. What we have found is that after these folks were sold hearing aids, they did not receive any follow-up care. We volunteer a few days a month and visit these centers to help clean, change tubes, repair, or reprogram their hearing aids at no cost to the patient or the center.

We take care of the communities listed below. If you are in one of these communities or have a family member in one, we would be more than happy to help at no charge. Just call our local office and schedule an appointment.

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Monroe Lutheran Home

Monroe, MI

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Sand Creek Medical Care

Adrian, MI

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Aspen Grove

Lambertville, MI

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Marian Place

Monroe, MI

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